JEWELRY CARE: How To Keep Your Jewels Looking New

January 31, 2018 1 Comment

JEWELRY CARE: How To Keep Your Jewelry Looking New


When you first purchase new jewelry, everything looks so pretty and new. Bright, shiny metals and sparkling gemstones, that make your heart go pitter patter! But as time goes by your jewelry can lose it's original luster from when you first bought your special pieces. How you care for your jewelry makes a big difference in its longevity and how it looks over the years.

I'm sure you've been browsing Pinterest and seen all of the lovely and creative ways to store your jewelry hanging on your wall, or on your dresser in a cute little ring dish. Although these storage solutions look very pretty to the eye, they're actually doing harm to your precious metals. Did you know that over time, with prolonged exposure to light and air, these elements will tarnish and darken your sterling silver and 14kt gold-filled jewels? But, with a little care and attention you can keep your favourite accessories looking like new for years to come!


The first thing you should do to properly care for your jewels is to store each piece (or pair) in a small, sealable plastic bag. This will ensure that your metals will be protected from oxygen, which is the main way to tarnish your sterling silver. When storing your chain necklaces, make sure to keep the clasp portion of the chain outside of the bag to prevent any tangles.

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Another great tip to keep your jewelry fresh is to store all of your pieces in a closed box. Whether it's a gorgeous jewelry box that looks amazing with your home decor or the cute branded jewelry boxes that I send your orders in, as long as your jewelry is out of the light you are safe.

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A polishing cloth is a jewelry owner’s necessity. These magic little pieces of fabric have wonderful shining and cleaning qualities to them that keep your metals and gems looking sparkly and new. When you take your jewelry off before you put it away, it's a great idea to give them a little rub with a polishing cloth after you've worn each piece approx. 5-7 times. This helps to keep your chains, settings, pearls and gemstones in showroom condition. If you're like me, you like to touch all of the gemstones you're wearing throughout the day and this can leave dirt, oils and fingerprints on them. The polishing cloth easily takes these away!

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With plated metals like Vermeil or plated brass, it's important to remember that when you are using the polishing cloth to do it very sparingly. The polishing cloth will keep your plated metals looking new, but you have to be careful to not strip away any of the plating. It's best to polish these jewelry items after wearing them 10-12 times and to use the cloth very lightly to prevent stripping the metals. 


To help you remember all of these great care instructions, I always provide a care card on how to properly care for and store your jewelry, so that you can keep all of your Brooklyn Designs jewels looking as beautiful as the first day you received them! If you have any questions about this topic please let me know below.

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Diane Mckendrick
Diane Mckendrick

August 30, 2018

Where can I buy a polishing cloth?

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