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About Brooklyn Designs Jewelry

Welcome to Brooklyn Designs Jewelry



I’m Brooke Mosher, the designer and creator of Brooklyn Designs jewelry and I’m so happy you’re here! I started this journey of Brooklyn Designs because I wanted to help women like you feel amazing about yourselves from the inside out. Creating and designing jewelry is a way for me to help you feel empowered from within, to feel confident about yourself, and to feel an overwhelming sense of self-love and acceptance.

Brooklyn Designs is a jewelry collection made for you to collect and layer over the years. Dainty layering jewelry will forever be in style, and you will too! Each new collection is created to be layered with all your favourite BD jewels, to keep you looking fresh and on point every fashion season.

I want you to get dressed everyday with confidence and to know that with a little bit of jewelry you can take on the world and chase all your dreams!

Designer Brooke Mosher of Brooklyn Designs Jewelry 

Being a devoted mom and wife, I wanted to create a business where I was able to always be home for them both and to fulfill my passion for design and creation. I started Brooklyn Designs in September 2003 and I will forever love the hustle and bustle of being an entrepreneur and being able to create every day.

As my business has grown, I’ve gone from handcrafting every piece myself, to now working with a production team in Jaipur, India who help me to create and manufacture a portion of my designs. Creating and designing jewelry that you’ll love to wear and gift to your loved ones brings me so much joy, and I hope that you feel that joy too.

Growing up I loved TV and movies, and especially loved the connection I felt to some of my favourite characters. Having the opportunity to now work with so many talented costume designers and bring my jewelry designs to your favourite characters wardrobes is such a thrill. I love being able to offer you jewelry that you’ve seen worn on shows like The Bachelorette, Riverdale, The Vampire Diaries and so many of The Hallmark Channel movies!


Brooklyn Designs gemstone rings bridal jewelry and engraved necklaces

Keeping your jewelry fresh and looking new is easy and I want to share my favourite jewelry care tips with you! Head over to the blog and read this post for all the insider tips. 



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