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CELEBRITY STYLE: Holly Robinson Peete

February 21, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

Holly Robinson Peete


Last fall I had the opportunity to work with costume designer Tina Fiorda to provide her with jewelry for Morning Show Mystery: Mortal Mishaps, another fab Hallmark Channel mystery series starring Holly Robinson Peete! I am a big fan of Holly and loved her in 21 Jump Street & Hanging With Mr. Cooper back in the day. She’s also really fun to follow on Instagram. Holly is always posting behind the scenes looks at all of the various projects she’s working on and she’s really funny and candid!


Morning Show Mystery: Mortal Mishaps has not aired in Canada yet so I can't talk about the plot, unfortunately, but I do know which jewels she wore during this film. Did you know that this movie was written by Al Roker? I can’t wait to watch it and hope that it airs up north really soon!


Holly Robinson Peete earrings Morning Show Mystery

Holly Robinson Peete wearing Ellington Aqua Chalcedony gold earrings.


Holly Robinson Peete hallmark

Ellington Aqua Chalcedony gold necklace worn by Holly Robinson Peete.


Holly Robinson Peete necklace on Morning Show Mystery Hallmark Channel

 Holly Robinson Peete wearing Alexandra gold necklace on Morning Show Mystery.


Holly Robinson Peete hoop earrings Hallmark channel

Holly Robinson Peete wearing Brooklyn Designs Leona Rainbow Moonstone gold hoop earrings.

 Holly Robinson Peete necklace

Holly Robinson Peete wearing Brooklyn Designs gold Flora Necklace.


Fun Fact: They filmed part of the movie at the Fort Langley pier which is where I did my last 2 photo shoots! Here is a little graphic showing you the spot along the walkway in Fort Langley. It’s so pretty there along the river which makes is very peaceful and a really lovely place to visit. Fort Langley also has lots of cute shops, restaurants and they film many shows and movies there. The big yellow Fort Langley Community Hall is in countless shows that you’ll recognize right away!  

Fort Langley Community Hall


 Morning Show Murders Holly Robinson Peete

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