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BROOKLYN STYLE: Wedding Guest Jewelry

June 15, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

It’s the month of June and Wedding season is in full swing. With June comes summer, which brings us warmer months, bluer skies and sometimes a calendar full of weddings to attend.

When your calendar is full it can be hard to know exactly what to wear and how to style yourself for each specific event. That’s why I love to suggest keeping things simple and understated.

A great starting point is to find a few easy-to-wear dresses in colours that are flattering to you and make you feel amazing. Having one or two clutches and neutral heels in your closet that you can style for day or night (whether it’s your cousins wedding, or a night out for appies with your BFF’s) will help to keep the stress away when you’re styling each wedding look. Versatility is key!


Wedding Guest Jewelry


But what about jewels? What are the best pieces to wear to a wedding when you’re a guest? When choosing jewelry to go with your outfit, less is always best. You don’t want to out-shine the bride and you also don’t want to be left with over the top pieces that you’ll never wear again.


simple easy-to-wear wedding guest jewelry


Styling your outfit with the right jewelry isn’t as hard as you think. Choose a beautiful cocktail ring, like the WINSLET, and pair it with matching studs, or a sparkling pair of MONICA Druzy earrings and dainty NANCI bracelet for a minimal, elegant look.

Jewelry that you will want to later wear with your favourite denim and bomber jacket, or easy pieces that you can wear to work or dress up for a night out with your spouse are always the right pieces to wear to a wedding.


Winslet jewelry set - wedding guest jewelry

What about sparkle? That answer is always YES! Sparkle is the ultimate celebration accessory and a little bit here and there always looks good. Those sparkling pieces can easily be worn and layered with your favourite day-to-day jewels for a unique, personal look to show everyone how much you love to sparkle and shine!


sparkly wedding dainty necklaces


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