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June 13, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

Sometimes in life you have a “pinch me” moment, and earlier this year I had one of those moments!

I’ve been a big fan of the show How To Get Away With Murder since day one, and have had the pleasure of sending jewels for the cast/characters for several years now.

This is one of my favourite shows to watch during the Fall/Winter months and this year was especially dark and thrilling! I love how in-depth we’ve grown to know each character, yet we’re still shocked each season with the unfolding events and high intensity drama.

We all know that Viola Davis is the star of the show and she does an incredible job at portraying her character, Annalise Keating. Over the years the ups and downs that her character has gone through have been super intense and so dark (but I LOVE to watch!).

This year was a shining light for me to watch though, because during the season I had the utmost pleasure of having Viola Davis wear a pair of my earrings and I’m still so excited!


Viola Davis hoop earrings 

 Actress Viola Davis wearing the Jennifer large silver hoop earrings.


I’m thrilled that the show has been renewed for another season and cannot wait to watch all of the intense, dark, sometimes hard-to-watch drama. What's coming next for this crazy crew?!


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