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BROOKLYN STYLE: How To Style A Choker Necklace

April 15, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Choker necklaces were all the rage in the mid to late 90’s, and a few years ago they made a big come back in the world of jewelry. Only this time, the choker necklace is here to stay, and if styled right, you’ll be a fashionista inspo to all your best girlfriends!


If you are a lover of necklace layers, the choker necklace is a definite must-have in your jewelry collection. You can wear your choker necklace solo for a dainty, minimalist look that will always keep you looking classic and never trendy. I also highly suggest you have a little bit of fun with your choker during the week and mix and match it with all your other necklace favourites.


An easy necklace layering combo is to layer your choker necklace with a 16 inch and you can also add an 18 inch necklace to add a little extra to your look. What’s the right amount of layers? Odd numbers always work best, but you should keep adding layers until you look as fabulous as you feel!


Want to know the best way to keep your layers tangle free at the end of the day? Choose chains of varying designs to keep your layers as tangle free as possible, and make sure to separate your chains throughout the day with your hands to keep those tangles far away!


Here’s a little bit of choker necklace layering inspiration to help you along the way.

 How to style your choker necklace

Layers: Palmer Choker, Estelle necklace, Soho necklace & Cecelia necklace



 Choker necklace layering tips

Layers: Karlie Choker, Delynne necklace, Nova necklace


 Necklace layering tips

Layers: Palmer Choker, Estelle necklace, Soho necklace


 Necklace layering styling tips

Layers: Presley Choker, Marisol Medallion necklace, Guardian Medallion necklace


 Gemstone choker necklace

Layers: Presley Choker necklace, Winslet necklace


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