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JEWELRY CARE: 5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Jewels Fresh and Clean

May 17, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

We all love to have our jewels looking as shiny and new as the first day we bring them home, but if you’re not careful, you could quickly see your favourite new accessories not looking their best. Here are 5 simple and easy ways to keep your jewelry looking fresh and clean.

5 simple steps to keep your jewelry fresh and clean

1. Take Your Gems Off With Care

We all feel a little tired at the end of the day and can sometimes forget to take our jewels off with care and attention – and wake up with a tangled mess of dainty chains and earrings.

It’s a great idea to get in the habit of taking your jewelry off and tucked away in your jewelry box to keep everything organized and tarnish-free. Also, don’t forget my great tip about keeping your necklaces in a resealable plastic bag with the clasp hanging out to prevent tarnish and tangles (read more here).


2. Spray? No Way!

That’s right, you want to keep your jewelry far away from any type of beauty, hair and home cleaning products, especially ones that you spray into the air (i.e. hairspray and perfume).

The chemicals contained in these products can damage your metals and gemstones very quickly and leave your favourite jewels looking less than sparkly or new.


3. Keeping Dry.

Water and other liquids can also damage your jewelry. Some gemstones are set with a little bit of jeweler’s glue, and when you immerse your jewelry in water, it can loosen the glue and unset your stone.

This also means taking all your jewelry (rings, bracelets, etc.) off when washing your hands, taking a shower, or swimming. Many soaps contain harsh ingredients that can also damage your metals and gemstones, especially porous stones like freshwater pearls and turquoise.


4. Spring Cleaning.

Just like you clean your house as often as you have time, you should also consider taking a little time every couple of weeks to give your jewelry a little spring cleaning.

Daily wear can dull your jewels, but a gentle swipe of your polishing cloth or microfibre cloth can perk up the lustre and shine on your favourite jewelry and give it a quick clean.


5. Take It All Off.

When you’re ready to go to bed for a good night’s sleep, always make sure to take all your jewelry off. Wearing your jewelry to bed is not recommended, as it could tangle and/or break, and the close and extended contact with oils from your skin can make jewelry dirty very quickly. It’s always best to take all your jewels off before a night of rest!


5 steps to keeping your jewelry fresh and clean


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