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CELEBRITY STYLE: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries A Very Foul Play

June 09, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries is a Hallmark favourite and there is so much to love about how well actress Candace Cameron Bure plays her role as Aurora. Being in Canada though, we don’t have access to The Hallmark Channel (or it’s many branches of the channel) and I am always late to the game as to what was worn in each movie. But I recently had the chance to catch up on Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Very Foul Play.


Making jewelry for the character Aurora is always fun for me because costume designer, Barbara Gregusova likes to keep her style whimsical and sweet. Having them filmed just a hop, skip and jump away from my jewelry studio makes it even better when it comes to finding inspiration. The beauty of nature here in BC is stunning to say the least and gives me endless inspiration for Aurora’s jewels.


In this recent film, A Very Foul Play I spotted Aurora wearing a few pieces from my collection including the Winslet gold necklace, Gwen medium gold hoop earrings, Hazel gold earrings and Soho Rose Chalcedony gold earrings.





Aurora Teagarden Mysteries pink earrings 



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