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Red Carpet? Cannes Do.

June 12, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

{ GUEST BLOGGER } Karin Maxey

I got the email late one night in February. The Cannes Film Festival was “glad to inform me that my short film, Eye for an Eye had been accepted into the 2015 Short Film Corner.” My first phone call: my best friend & co-producer on the film, Momona Komagata, who is also the film’s enigmatic lead actress. My first thought: what jewelry am I going to wear?! I’m not a shoe gal, I do like my purses, but for me; it’s always been the jewelry. And if there was ever an excuse to sparkle it up, getting to attend one of the film industry’s most treasured and glamorous events was it. 

We attended premieres of world class film in competition for the prestigious Palme D’Or at night; walking the very same red carpet as the likes of Rachel Weisz, Emily Blunt, and Sophie Marceau. By day, we’d be navigating the massive Palais on the shores of the Mediterranean; taking workshops, pitching European distribution companies in hopes of furthering our little film’s run, and meeting other filmmakers from around the globe. It was a heady four days, for sure.

Our film started with the Director’s vision back in 2012, and we were able to shoot it with an international cast and crew after winning the StoryHive grant from Telus Optik the following year. Post-production wrapped on the 18 minute love letter to Vancouver in 2014, and we hit the ground running with province-wide release on Telus VOD and submitted to our favourite festivals. Cannes came first. Eye for an Eyeis about a man who must choose between seeking revenge for his brother’s tragic death, and the life he’s made for himself with the woman he loves.

The biggest choice Ihad to make on the Croisette: which Brooklyn Designs piece to wear with what. The Illiana necklace was our good luck charm; dressing up airport chic and later adding just the right amount of geometric glamour to Momona’s gown from Vancouver designer Evan Ducharme. We rotated through the subtle sparkle of Lindsay, Jasmine, and Katia earrings for both day and night, while the Casey and Eternity necklaces offered an elegant touch to our “business casual” daywear.

Turns out having jewelry on loan makes you feel like a bit of a star yourself. Even if you’re not Jane Fonda (who still looks pretty rockin’ at 77, by the way) in Cannes, anybody could be somebody, and good manners, grace, and a little bit of sparkle will go a long way.

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