All of our chains and clasps are made of either Sterling Silver, or 14kt gold-filled. Please visit individual product pages for full details on the metals/materials used to construct each piece.

All of our gemstones are natural and are each unique unto themselves. All of our photos are stock photos and each piece of jewelry will vary slightly from the photos used on our website and social media.

How do I care for my jewelry?

To ensure the luster of your jewlery, prevent tarnishing and scratching, store your Brooklyn Designs jewelry in an airtight plastic bag when it is not being worn & away from light. Remove jewelry prior to bathing, exercise, cleaning, swimming, gardening and applying cosmetics. Exposure to water, lotions, body oils, cosmetics, perfumes, excessive humididity or cleaning agents may cause discolouration, alter lengths and deteriorate the quality of the jewelry. Sterling Silver and Gold-filled jewelry can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution, and a jewelers polishing cloth (lightly on gold-filled).

What is Gold-filled?

Gold-filled is constructed in two or three layers with the core metal being jewelers’ brass. A gold alloy is then bonded the brass core with heat and pressure. The bonded raw material is then sold as sheet or wire to jewelry manufacturers for use in designs. Gold-filled is a great alternative to Gold jewelry. It is very easy to care for and will keep it's golden sheen and lustre for a lifetime if taken care of properly.

What is Vermeil?

Vermeil is 22kt or 24kt gold plated sterling silver. Vermeil is different from regular gold plated items because sterling silver is the metal being plated and it's thickness must be at least 2.5 micrometers of fine gold. Most other gold plated items are plated brass or base metals. Vermeil can tarnish due to the sterling silver base. To prevent your Vermeil jewelry from tarnishing please keept it in an air tight plastic bag (small ziplock) and away from light. Do not use polishing cloths on Vermeil (or other gold plated items) because the cloth will take the gold plating off of the piece and expose the unerlying sterling silver metal. Some people have a higher acidity level in their skin's natural oils. This can cause the Vermeil plating to be stripped away when being worn.