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Three Tips To Easy Necklace Layers

August 26, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

How To Layer Necklaces.

One of the questions that I get asked most as a jewelry designer is, “What’s the best way to layer my necklaces?”.  The art of layering necklaces is easy once you figure out a few tricks of the trade.


necklace layering three tips to easy layers 


My first tip for necklace layering is to make sure you wear at least 3 necklaces in different lengths. The trick to layering is that you want to fill up space on your neckline and chest, which creates a unique and stylish look that people will be interested in. Each layer adds a bit of depth to your personal style and allows you to have some fun with your fashion.


When layering, I always recommend that you start with a choker style necklace. This can be between 13-15 inches in length, but usually 13-14 inches.


necklace layering first layer 


For your second necklace layer, choose a 16-inch length necklace.  You can also choose an 18-inch necklace, but when the layers are closer to your face/neckline it looks better if they aren’t spaced out too much. The closer the layers the better when you are layering a shorter look. Do your necklaces have pendants and gemstones? Choosing complimentary shapes and colours is a great way to create a cohesive, styled look and you’ll thank yourself when you receive all those compliments on how amazing your personal style is!


 necklace layering second layer


Your third necklace layer should be 18 inches. This will give you an easy, but super chic style that you’ll love wearing every day. If you’d like, you can also choose a midi length necklace to layer if you chose your second layer to be an 18 inch necklace.


necklace layering third layer 


Layers four and five are optional, but if you’re looking for a little extra of a look, this is for you! Layer up your look with a midi (22 inches) and finish it off with a long 28-inch pendant necklace.


necklace layering fourth layer 


 If you love having fun with fashion and your personal style, you’ll absolutely love these two bonus layers!


 necklace layering fifth layer


Are you wanting a longer layered look? Start with an 18-inch necklace, and then add your favourite midi style and a long 28-inch pendant necklace.  This will look extra gorgeous year-round when paired with a dress, knee length or longer. As well, in the colder months with your most-loved tunics and sweaters.


brooklyn designs necklace length and layering guide


Necklace Layering 101:

Tip #1. Always start with 3 necklace layers for a minimum look.

Tip #2. Make sure that your necklace pendants and gemstones “go with” each other. Choose shapes and colours that are complimentary in style, and don’t clash.

Tip #3. Have fun with your layered looks! Switch things up from day to day and if you’re feeling extra, add a fourth and fifth necklace layer.

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