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JEWELRY CARE: Storage Tips For Your Jewels

August 14, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Give your jewelry a home wherever you go! This is a great tip for keeping your jewelry tangle and tarnish free. Whether you’re traveling or at home, creating a space where you can keep your jewels away from the light and air is so important.


The first thing you want to do with your jewels to keep them tarnish and tangle free is to store them in a re-sealable plastic bag (ziplock). Air is a BIG factor when it comes to tarnishing. It’s the number one culprit of dark, dull jewelry. By keeping your jewelry in an air-tight bag, you eliminate any access of air. My #1 pro jewelry tip is to keep your clasp out of the bag when you seal it. This will keep your dainty chains tangle free.

 jewelry care storage tips graphic 01


If you’re traveling, you’ll want to take those ziplock sealed jewels and place them in a travel pouch such as a spare makeup bag. Creating a safe home inside your luggage for your jewelry while you travel will help to keep everything tangle free.

 jewelry care storage tips travel bag


When it comes to the ultimate home for your jewelry, the classic Jewelry Box is a must have for any jewelry lover. Creating a dark home for your jewelry will keep it tarnish free, and by having everything in an air-tight bag it'll be tangle free, and a cinch to organize too! Whatever you do, DO NOT leave your jewelry out on your dressing table or hanging on a jewelry tree/bar. I know those jewelry bar stands are cute and everything looks so pretty displayed, but trust me, this is the fastest way to having your jewelry tarnished and looking drab.

 jewelry care storage tips jewelry box


This is a peak inside my jewelry box. I purchased mine at Homesense years ago and love how it has stackable, interlocking trays. Each layer has a different section for your jewelry which makes it really easy to keep my jewels organized too.  By not choosing a transparent box, it keeps out the light.

I hope these tips are helpful for you!


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