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Inspirational Quotes For Your Self-Love Journey

July 15, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that every day I love to share at least one inspirational quote in my stories. It’s so important to see and hear positive things throughout the day, especially since we are constantly bombarded with so much negativity and judgement. Being able to create a space where you can come to online that is filled with happiness, joy and positive inspiration is something I always focus on and think about before I post something for you. Adding a little extra love and joy to your every day via jewelry and my social media is very important to me and Brooklyn Designs.


Some of my favourite quotes are about self-love. For some this is a touchy subject, but personally I find it to be a very important subject and something I do focus on within my brand. To me, self-love is about mindset and personal boundaries. It’s about treating ourselves with a great amount of love and care and to not be negative towards ourselves. Making sure to keep a positive mindset is a very important aspect of self-love. It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the things that aren’t working out for us in our lives. But if you reset and keep a positive outlook on things, it becomes very easy to find things all day long to be incredibly grateful for.


Self-love isn’t about being full of ego and admiration for oneself, it’s simply about treating yourself with the grace and kindness that you do to so many others. It's about spreading a little love not just to others, but to yourself too. For example, practicing self-love is actually taking the time and discipline to do that workout routine 5 days a week like you've always wanted to, or to sign up for that night school class to upgrade your skill set. It's about investing in yourself, and that's always a good thing! Here are a few of my favourite quotes right now and I hope you find some inspiration in them too.






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