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Dainty Golden Layers With The Rebekka Necklace

June 24, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

Each season when I design a collection, I usually have one piece that I start with as my inspiration for the entire collection. The Rebecca necklace ended up being the inspiration for my design process for my Spring Summer 2020 jewelry Collection.




I love how dainty and flirty it is, with just a little bit of sparkle of course, and to add a little drama and fun, I added the chain tassels. I chose to use two new chains for the Rebekka necklace that I haven’t used in the past to add some texture and I love how they look together. The satellite chain is the dainty beaded chain and then I paired it with a thicker, heavier curb chain and I love how well they blend together.




You can choose to wear the Rebekka tassel necklace as a signature solo piece because it's such a gorgeous necklace that you can easily wear it by itself and create some impact. I love it with an open neckline, but it also looks great over a crew neck top like a simple t-shirt or elegant blouse. Wear your Rebekka to the office, out shopping for a new outfit, or out with friends on a Friday night.




Last winter I teamed up with HGTV star Kortney Wilson for fun little giveaway on her Instagram account and sent her a package of jewels just for her for some fun promo pics. I ended up loving how Kortney styled her necklaces so much that I chose almost identical layers for my spring 2020 photoshoot campaign. Kortney paired the Palmer, Kortney, and Rebekka necklaces together to create the super fun and cute look. I switched out the Palmer for the Diaz choker for something a little more subtle, but love the Palmer for something a extra fancy!



Your Rebekka necklace is so versatile and easy to style. You’ll look gorgeous in wearing it to a Gala or black-tie wedding as much as it would look beautiful if you wore it to a coffee date with your friends and pretty much anywhere. You could easily wear each of these necklaces by themselves or create different combos of them together by wearing two at a time instead of the three.




Get a little fancy and add the Rebekka earrings or keep it simple with a pair of studs. No matter how you style the Rebekka necklace you will always look and feel gorgeous!

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