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CELEBRITY STYLE: The Bachelorette Clare and Tayshia

May 21, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

The Bachelorette is a show that holds a special place in my heart. I have had a lot of great opportunities come my way because of it and have welcomed so many wonderful and dedicated customers along the way too. Grateful is a word that I always equate to having my jewelry worn on so many seasons of The Bachelorette.


Last season was a little different in SO MANY ways! 2020 was a wild ride for all of us and it also was for The Bachelorette. Clare Crawley was our number one gal and she found love right away. In true Bachelor Nation fashion there was of course a little drama along the way. But luckily Clare found love (they are back together!) and we got to see more of Tayshia!


It was so amazing to have my jewelry worn on these gorgeous women and I truly love working with stylist Cary Hart and his number one, Krystine Couch always. Tayshia and Clare wore the following jewels on their journey on The Bachelorette!



 Tayshia wearing the Keaton Aqua Chalcedony Gold Necklace


 Clare wearing the ENGRAVED Initial gold necklace


 Tayshia wearing the Astrid Midi Gold Necklace


Clare wearing the Keaton Aqua Chalcedony Gold Ring 


 Clare wearing the Star Gold Stud Earrings.

I can’t wait to see what is worn in 2021 on The Bachelorette!


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