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CELEBRITY STYLE: Riverdale Season 3

October 31, 2018 1 min read 0 Comments

Season 3 of Riverdale started earlier this month and so far we have not been disappointed. The writers are off to a great start and have us already wondering who the heck is farmer and when is Archie going to get out of prison?!

But, what's even better is this year's style forecast. Costume Designer Rebekka Sorensen Kjelstrup and her talented team really know how to dress the cast of Riverdale. Each character is styled to perfection and they also handcraft a lot of what you see on film.

This season has also been great for spotting Brooklyn Designs! We're only three episodes in and here are the Brooklyn Designs pieces that have been spotted so far.

 Riverdale Veronica Lodge choker necklace

 Veronica Lodge wearing the Karlie Choker Necklace.


 Riverdale Alice Cooper long necklace

 Mrs. Alice Cooper wearing the Ophelia long gold crescent moon necklace.


 Riverdale Molly Ringwald earrings

 Molly Ringwald wearing the Becca Labradorite Gold Earrings.


 Riverdale Polly Cooper necklace

Polly Cooper wearing the Ellington Black Onyx gold necklace.


 Riverdale Polly Cooper long necklace

 Polly Cooper wearing the long Ophelia Silver necklace.


 Riverdale Cheryl Blosson choker necklace

Cheryl Blossom wearing the Blossom gold choker necklace.


You can shop all of the Brooklyn Designs jewels worn on Season 2 & 3 of Riverdale here.

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