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CELEBRITY STYLE: Riverdale Jewelry

July 02, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Riverdale is a guilty pleasure that I love to watch every Wednesday. Season 3 was really dark and creepy, don’t you agree? The plot was extra twisty and a lot went down in the little town of Riverdale!

The characters on the show were also spotted wearing quite a few pieces from my jewelry collection and I couldn’t be happier! When I was creating jewelry for the show, the lead costume designer, Rebekka Sorensen-Kjelstrup, sent me a list of what she would like and allows me the option to add a few extra pieces for her as well. For season 3 I ended up creating a few extra choker necklaces, such as the BLOSSOM CHOKER necklace and the DIAZ CHOKER necklace. It was an absolute thrill to see Cheryl wearing the Blossom choker and to see Veronica wear the Diaz choker a few times during the season.


Veronica Lodge choker necklace

Veronica Lodge wearing the DIAZ Choker necklace on Riverdale.


Diaz choker necklace worn by Veronica Lodge

Veronica Lodge on Riverdale

Veronica Lodge wearing the Shay cuff bracelet.


Rebekka and her team often style Betty’s mom, Alice, in Brooklyn Designs Jewelry as well. This season Alice was wearing the ROMY ring, HALF MOON ring, OPHELIA necklace, TORY earrings and many more. I also spotted Molly Ringwald, a.k.a. Mrs. Andrews, wearing some sparkling studs (online soon), and the SHARLENE hoops this season. I've been a big fan of Molly's since I was young, and it's an honour to have her wearing my creations.

My friend Peggy from Peggy Li Creations also supplied a lot of the jewelry seen on Riverdale (and many other shows too!). Make sure to check out Peggy’s site too when you’re looking for your favourite character’s jewelry.


Alice Smith wearing the Tory feather earrings 

Alice Smith wearing the Tory silver feather earrings.


Madchen Amick wearing the Romy ring

Mädchen Amick wearing the Romy ring on the set of Riverdale.


Molly Ringwald jewelry on riverdale

Molly Ringwald wearing the Sharlene gold hoops.


I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the upcoming 4th season! Shop all of the jewelry seen on Riverdale here.


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