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June 25, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

When it comes to television shows, I really love watching other people be creative and one of my favourite places to go to watch fellow creatives work their magic is HGTV. I quickly became a fan of Kortney Wilson when I started watching her show Masters of Flip with her husband Dave. I instantly fell in love with Kortney’s use of colour and found it so fun to watch and see what she would make and create in each home. I especially appreciate her use of colourful walls and decor during a time when white kitchens and everything neutral in the home is such a big trend.




Kortney lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is a fellow Canadian (her and her husband are originally from Ontario). I love all the houses they choose to renovate in Nashville because they look so different from everything here in Canada, especially on the West Coast. Even homes from the east coast of Canada to over here on the West Coast of BC look greatly different from each other which I find cool and interesting.


One of the things I really loved about Kortney is how cute, fun, down-to-earth and approachable her personality was on TV. So, I decided to reach out to her one day and let her know that I’m a fan and I'd love to send her some jewelry. I was lucky enough that she loved my creative work too and I sent her a package of jewels for her newest show with Dave called Making It Home.



Engraved Initial Necklace

You can catch Kortney’s new show on HGTV in the US starting in early July! They have renamed the US version to Masters of Home. It’s really cute and is different than their original show because they are helping homeowners redesign and renovate their own homes. I think you’ll love it, the only thing missing though is their landscaper Jeff! If you haven’t already watched Kortney’s other show Masters Of Flip, be sure to check out all the reruns on HGTV because they’re fantastic.


 Mariah Gold Earrings


 Monica Druzy Gold Necklace


Leona Aqua Chalcedony Hoop Earrings


Quincy Gold Hoop Earrings


Suki Gold Necklace


Shop all of Kortney’s jewels here and check out her website here.

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