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CELEBRITY STYLE: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries 2020

May 21, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

Hands up if you’re an Aurora Teagarden fan!

With all the madness of 2020, I completely forgot to blog about Aurora and all of her jewels! I was so happy to be able to provide jewelry for this beloved Hallmark Movies and Mysteries series that we all love so much. This was the first opportunity that I was given in 2020 and it was such a thrill to receive. It definitely gave me hope for the future and filled my cup with love. Being able to be creative and run my biz during 2020 was definitely a challenge and some days were not as bright as others but having costume designer Barbara Gregusova reach out last fall was such a bright light for me.


I made quite a few pieces just for the Aurora Teagarden character and have been so delighted to see her wearing many of the pieces I designed just for her! Everything is very feminine, whimsical and nature inspired. Aurora has a really cute girly look with a little touch of retro thrown in and it’s always  a delight to see her wardrobe and style with each film they create.


We’ve been able to watch a couple of Aurora Teagarden Mystery movies since then and I cannot wait for the wedding later this year! Below I’m sharing all of the jewelry actress Candace Cameron Bure wore over her last few Aurora Teagarden Mystery Movies in 2020 and 2021.



Ishana crescent moon gold necklace.



 Shay gold CZ hoop earrings.


Engraved Star Charm gold necklace.



Hampton Rose Chalcedony gold ring.



Rosa Gold necklace.



Rosa Gold earrings.



Audrina Labradorite Small Gold hoop earrings.



Brynna Gold filigree & Rose Quartz earrings.



Mabelle gold earrings.


I hope The Hallmark Channel and Candace were able to bring a little extra hope, love and joy to your home and live in 2020 too!


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