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A Jewelry Designer Guide On How To Layer Necklaces

May 19, 2022 2 min read 0 Comments

One of the questions I get asked most is how to layer necklaces together. When it comes down to it, it’s fairly simple and once you learn these simple guidelines, layering will be something you think about and plan all the time in a fun and creative way.


One of the things to think about is your mood and how you’re feeling that day. Do you want to dress more refined and feminine, or is your mood more towards casual and easy-breezy? Is your outfit for the day a floral print dress, or is it a pair of biker boots and your favourite concert tee?


Adding your jewelry and necklace layers to each outfit will be different and fun to choose. Go for something in pink tones, or pearls for a more feminine look to match your vibes and dress. When wearing a more casual and masculine style outfit, choosing silver or mixed metals, black gemstones and texture is a great way to enhance your look that day and bring that bit of edge you want.


Thinking about how many pieces you’re going to layer up is another thing to consider when planning your necklace layers. For work and daytime, keep your layers to 2 or 3. This will keep your look minimal and still an amazing way too incorporate your uniqueness to your outfits if you’re in a work environment or out for coffee with a friend.


When it comes to evening, you can layer up as many as you’d like! I love layering 3 to 5 different necklaces in different sizes and textures for a night out with friends. Chokers, midi length and paperclip chains are fabulous layering pieces to have in your jewelry box. They’re a gorgeous way to add to your layers that you’ve been wearing during the day for a quick way to transition your look from day to night.


Think about length too when you’re layering up all your favourite necklaces. It’s best to leave 2 inches in chain length between your layers. A 16- and 18-inch length necklace together layer very nicely. That’s when you would add in your 14-inch choker necklace and then add in a midi length and a long chain necklace as well. A paperclip chain necklace is a great add on to your 16- and 18-inch pendant layered necklaces. It drapes beautifully across both lengths, so that your pendants aren’t covered up, and your layers look on point.


Choose complimentary coloured gemstones and crystals to keep things easy and simple when styling. Rainbow Moonstone goes with everything! When it comes to metals, feel free to mix them all up and never be afraid to either. Gold Silver or Rose Gold all blend beautifully when worn together. If you’re ever in doubt when it comes to colour combos, it’s best to stick with solid metals and layer up as many as you love. For example, if you’re all about gold jewelry, keep it simple and stick with what you love.


I hope this helps the next time you’re planning your necklace layers!

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