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March 25, 2014 2 min read 0 Comments

I have watched Alison Sweeney on Days of Our Lives since I was 13, and let's just say that was a long time ago! So, you can imagine how excited I was to see Alison wearing my designs on such a HUGE hit show like The Biggest Loser this past year. One of my favorite parts of designing my jewelry brand is seeing it worn on some of my favorite TV shows and actresses. It really is a big thrill for me!

 Alison is wearing our Micaela Necklace.

Alison is wearing our Lindsay Earrings.
I love watching Alison on The Biggest Loser, where she also shows us her journey to living a healthy lifestyle. Not only is she a busy actress and host, but Alison is a wife, devoted mother to two adorable kids, an author and brand ambassador to health brands such as Aetna.
Alison is wearing our Mason Necklace for an Aetna commercial.
If that wasn't enough, having Alison wearing our jewels on The Biggest Loser and national ad campaigns, we also spotted her wearing our popular Renay leather wrap bracelet on an Ellen Show appearance! Say what? The Ellen Show? Yep, how exciting is that?!
Alison wearing our Renay Wrap Bracelet on The Ellen Show.
We love Alison Sweeney, and although we're sad to see her leave Days of Our Lives, we're excited to see what new opportunities will come her way. She had mentioned on The Ellen Show that she hopes her character Sammi will leave the show "Breaking Bad style" and that would be awesome! Thanks Alison, for making our jewels look so gorgeous and a ridiculously BIG thank you to Carrie, her talented and lovely stylist.
Brooke xoxo

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