Make Your Mornings Meaningful

October 07, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments

Do you ever wake up in the morning dreading the day ahead, wishing that you could stay under those warm and cozy blankets for at least one more hour? Oh you do?! Often?! I used to feel that way too. Every day of the week in fact.

Being a solo entrepreneur can take its toll on the body, mind and soul and I often found myself without a single day off as each month would pass by. Finding time for my family is always a priority but finding time for myself was not. Without any time to myself I found that my anxiety was amping up more often than I had wished or wanted, and my stress levels were through the roof!


self love moring routine
I did a little soul searching earlier this year to find a way to incorporate a little more me-time into my life and found the answer I was looking for early one morning. A little bit of morning wellness. It was such a simple solution to my never-ending stress and overly anxious feelings. Take a little bit of time each morning to start my day right and get myself and my mindset ready for the day ahead.

I used to dread the sound of my alarm clock beeping aggressively at me each morning. But after I had decided that this was now going to be my time each day, that all changed. What I decided to do for myself wasn’t complicated or fancy in the least. In fact it was more about finding little pieces of joy in my every day and being grateful for that joy.


morning routine coffee and breakfast
My first decision was that I would get up one hour earlier than I had always been (that meant 6am in my house). I was going to take that time to enjoy the little things in life that I really love such as coffee, breakfast and my morning shower. There’s something about caffeine, a nourished tummy and feeling fresh and clean that soothes my soul.

I know what you’re thinking, this doesn’t sound like anything special or different at all. But it is my friend, it really is. I decided that I was going to really enjoy these three things each day. I decided that I was going to savour all the goodness from them that I could. To be grateful for that warm, creamy coffee that helps get me going and puts a little pep in my step. To be happy for the scrambled eggs I make myself for breakfast and for how good they make me feel ( I eat the same thing for breakfast every day. I’m one of those people, are you?!). To really enjoy my alone time in the shower by putting on my favourite podcasts or audio books and get myself motivated to tackle the day and really get going!


you are worth it self love morning routine
It was simply a decision to enjoy my life no matter what season I’m in, and to life my best life by finding the joy in all the things of every day.
These small choices that I make every day help me to choose happiness and to keep my mind focused on the good. There’s so much goodness out there, we just need to see it. It’s waiting for you too, and I hope you find a little time each day to see the happy things in your life.

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