Brooke's Favourite Things Summer 2021

June 12, 2021 4 min read 0 Comments

It’s June 2021, the trees are full of fresh new leaves, the roses are in bloom and the sun is shining again. Later this month we also get to welcome Summer. What a beautiful month to enjoy!


I often get messages and emails for tips on styling or what to wear, and I wanted to have a place to share them, plus so much more with you. I thought why not start a monthly blog series where I share with you my favourite things, and add in the things you want to know about most each month. I’ll be sharing products and people that I personally love and think you will too.


One thing that I am most passionate about in life is natural health. I have an autoimmune disease, plus a few other health issues that affect my daily life and that makes finding clean, non toxic products to use on the daily very important to me. A few years ago, I started to pay attention to the beauty and skin care products I was using and learned a lot about what is inside a lot of them. Since then I have made a lot of changes in what I use and what my family uses too. Over the years I’ve tried different beauty brands and in 2019 I fell in love with one in particular, Fitglow Beauty.


If you haven’t tried Fitglow already, one of their must-have products are their lip serums. The Night Lip Serum is AMAZING, as are their coloured formulas as well. It’s the best lip product I’ve ever tried and I can’t see anything beating these. I probably have too many of them, but I also feel that you can’t have enough lip gloss or jewelry in your life! I love a good facial mist, especially in the warmer months, and use both their Day and Night Essence sprays. They have lots of nice things in them for your skin, smell beautiful and are so moisturizing throughout the day to use. I use a lot of their products and LOVE each of them so much.




June means warmer temperatures and going sleeveless too! One of my number one favourite things to wear in the Summer is a ribbed white tank top with a high neck. It’s a great way to show off your shoulders and this season they are one of the hottest trends too. That means you can find one in pretty much any of your fave places to shop for clothes, in any colour and at any price point too. I purchased a couple in-expensive ones from Old Navy to workout in, and another with a slightly better sillohette from Banana Republic. If you have any Canadian or small brands that you love in this style, please share with me so I can support them too, as I love to support small and local.



Another thing I love about June are my backyard roses. I like to think I have a green thumb and love to spend time in our backyard. Covering every surface with beautiful flowers and growing vegetables is something I really enjoy in life. This year for Mother’s Day I made sure to ask for a new rose bush to add to our collection. We live in a townhouse and our strata is strict on what we can plant in our backyards, so I stick with potted plants. I have quite a few and you can see my beautiful flowers in my Instagram stories sometimes when I’m sharing pics of jewelry with you. One Instagram account I’ve grown to love over the years for gardening inspiration is Garden Answer. I love, love, love her account and recently she shared another named Claus Dalby and he specializes in potted plants. I hope you enjoy their accounts and find some inspiration there as much as I do.



If 2020 did anything to me, it made me pay attention to everything I consume. One thing I noticed as I was paying attention, was my ever-growing love for HGTV. Their programs are full of beauty, inspiration and happiness. A bunch of people passionate about making things that bring happiness to the world is something I cannot get enough of! One person I love watching on HGTV is of course, Kortney Wilson. I love her love of colour. She uses it so well. She’s Canadian like me and a mom too which I love, and she’s always herself. There are so many others that I enjoy watching on HGTV and could write a big, long list for you, but here are a few I’ve been watching and Kortney will have something new for us all to watch soon too and you can see her wearing her Brooklyn Designs jewelry too!



One last thing to share with you is my love of bracelet stacks. During the Fall and Winter months I always have them stacked, but they get hidden sometimes under my sleeves and layers. That’s why June is such a great month because with the warmer weather you can show off all your gorgeous gemstone bracelets! I always like to have 3 on whenever I leave the house and adding a couple more is always welcome. Mix and match sizes of stones (6mm & 8mm), with/without charms, and add in a dainty chain bracelet for some different texture and shine. You can catch me wearing my Margo Labradorite, Alex Aquamarine and Bubble chain bracelet all summer long!



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